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As an artist who has been creating her own image all her life,Gaye Roth is constantly growing into and out of genres. From Paper Graphiti, a graphic design business she opened in 1995 to paintings, clothing design and designing and renovating homes from floor to ceiling. Roth has worked with private clients, businesses, restaurants and schools to bring design that awakens the senses to their spaces. She molds elements of design, beauty and functionality to create visual imagery.

A project she designed in 2010 is a multi-use space in Nob Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico that houses a restaurant, 4 studio vacation rentals complete with an extensive exterior mosaic which she created herself allowing passersby to add their personal touch.

At that time she changed the business name from Paper Graphiti to Gaye Roth Creative to encompass the variety that her artistic tasks had taken on.


She displays fervor and experience in graphic design, print, painting, designing spaces/places and now hosts "Creative Blast Events". These themed catered events encourage the freedom of others to create in a fun and safe group environment using all the senses to think out of the box.

Roth says “I enjoy seeing the look on my clients’ faces when I realize their vision and they realize theirs. Their creativity blows me away, it’s in them; I pull it out.”  Thus the motto is “The image created says…you!


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